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Bare Necessities of E.I. collects one type of information about you when you visit our web site:

-Electronic Email-When you choose to send us an email to book an event.

This web site does not gather any information about visitors. We do not log the IP addresses of visitors or what files they access nor do we use cookies.

Any and all information about you given to Bare Necessities of E.I. at the time of booking an event is held in the most highest confidentiality and will never be released, reproduced, shared or sold to any party.

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Booking and Cancellation Policy

Last minute bookings are accepted. We also recommend reserving your entertainer at least one week prior to your event. This will increase your changes of getting the entertainer(s) of your choice.

Bare Necessities requires a valid credit card to hold the reservation at the time of booking. The credit card will be verified, but not charged. All cancellations must be received at least 24 hours before the start of the event by telephone. If proper notification is not given within the specified time the credit card will be charged a non-refundable amount of $50.00.

Party Locations

Best Party location is a private residence. A private residence is usually the most successful and cost effective way to have your show. So we suggest this type of entertainment be hosted, conducted, and performed in a private residence

Hotels: If you booked an entertainer to perform in a hotel room, we suggest contacting the Hotel management prior to your show to verify that having an entertainer(s) is allowed. Any entertainer(s) performing in a Hotel at which the management of the facility has asked you and your guests to leave for any reason, even if the entertainer(s) is in the beginning, middle or end of the show, NO REFUNDS of any fees and/or monies collected by the entertainer(s) will be returned. Customers are at their own risk when booking in these places.
Bare Necessities will not perform in Restaurants, Bars or any other venue as deemed unacceptable by Bare Necessities. At the time of booking, please provide our agent with the accurate information of the party location, if at any time false information is provided, Bare Necessities will cancel the party.

Bare Necessities of Eastern Idaho Rules and Guidelines

Prostitution and the solicitation of prostitution is illegal in the state of Idaho and is not tolerated or negotiated. You acknowledge that at your request Bare Necessities of Eastern Idaho a booking agency has been contacted to book entertainment for your show, and you the contact person for the show release Bare Necessities of Eastern Idaho from any damages or liability that may occur as a result of the booked entertainment. You also recognize that the entertainment is of adult content, therefore only adults are allowed to attend. You take responsibility of all legal ramifications. You have notified all your guests of the content of this show, you take responsibility if someone is offended. You understand that no video taping or nude photos of this show is allowed. If videotaping occurs, legal action will be taken.
You understand that at the beginning of the show a list of rules will be announced, these rules and guidelines are not the choice of the girls or the bouncers; it is the policy of Bare Necessities of Eastern Idaho. This way Bare Necessities of Eastern Idaho can ensure that the highest quality show is available to you. If at any time the guidelines are broken or bent the show is over. The entertainers will not return the door fee if a party is called off due to unbecoming conduct or blatant disrespect. All of our dancers are independent contractors who loyally choose to work for us. You acknowledge and understand these rules and hold no liability against the owners of Bare Necessities or the independent contractors.

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